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Keller Athletic Boosters Scholarship

2022-2023 Keller Athletic Boosters Scholarship Application

Click the files below to access the Information Letter, Scholarship Application and Scholarship Essay form.


Each year Keller Athletic Boosters (KAB) provides scholarships to KHS seniors who participate in UIL athletics. The number and amount of each scholarship is decided by the KAB Board at the end of the year based on availability of funds. The scholarships are intended to be used to pay for tuition, room and board.


  • Applicant’s parent/guardian must be members of the Keller Athletic Boosters Club during the applicant’s senior year by the last day of February of the athlete’s senior year.

  • Applicant must have attended Keller High School for his/her entire senior year.

  • Applicant must have participated in a UIL athletic program as an athlete or athletic trainer/manager during his/her senior year.

  • If selected, applicant must provide proof of enrollment at an accredited college, university or technical school in the fall semester following graduation.

  • Applicant must not have received a scholarship paying all room/board and tuition.

Application Requirements

  • Complete 2023 KAB Scholarship application including additional information.
  • Copy of applicant’s high school transcript (current through the end of the senior year Fall semester or later).
  • Copy of ACT and/or SAT score results, if taken.
  • Student picture, preferably in KHS uniform, to be used on the KSH website.
  • Letter of Recommendation from a coach who coached applicant in senior year. Applicant should request this from a KHS coach via email and verbal. The letter the coach provides will be sent directly to the Athletic Board, not the student.
  • Essay written by applicant of 500 words or less and double spaced 12pt font: Before your freshman year recall how you imagined being a student-athlete at KHS. How was your actual experience different than what you had imagined? Did your preconceived notions help or hinder your success and accomplishments as a KHS student-athlete?
  • All application requirements must be submitted together as one submission (reminder the coach’s Recommendation will be sent from the coach to the Athletic Board). There are two options for submission.
    • (1) Applications can be mailed to the Scholarship Committee at the address below. Applications must be postmarked no later than April 14th of the graduation year.
    • (2) Applications can be submitted electronically to Applications should be sent as one email and must have a date stamp no later than 11:59pm (local time) April 14 of the graduation year. Both mailed and electronic submissions will be sent a confirmation email of receipt. No hand deliveries will be accepted. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Completed application requirements can be mailed to:

KAB Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 273
Keller, Texas 76244

Or emailed, with all attachments, to:

Guidelines for Scholarship Payment

  • Scholarship recipients will be contacted via email by a representative of KAB upon selection and given instructions for payment of scholarship.

  • Scholarships will be placed under the control of the Office of Financial Aid at the institution chosen by the recipient by the Fall semester. Any funds not distributed, due to the recipient’s failure to meet attendance, enrollment, or eligibility requirements, shall be refunded to KAB.

  • All information provided to the Scholarship Committee shall be considered private and confidential and for use only by KAB as needed for selection purposes. All decisions by the Scholarship Committee are final.


Please direct questions about the Scholarship Application to: